Factory price of storage tank with flip lid

Short Description:

Material: glass

Usage: food container

Lid material: metal or stainless steel

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Product description

Air-tight glass jar with leak-proof gasket and hinged lid, suitable for home and kitchen | Use containers for herbs, spices, art, crafts, storage and gift boxes. Home glass jars with hinged lids are versatile and versatile, from spice jars to wedding center decorations, including endless possibilities, such as supplies racks for offices, art studios, and classrooms, and ideal containers for product samples. Whether it's filled with chili flakes, cotton balls, puppy snacks or homemade coconut oil, you will love these perfect little jars

Product advantage

The jar is sealed, which is very suitable for keeping tea, spices, rice and food.
Airtight sealing helps food maintain its flavor and aroma for a long time.
No matter where it is placed, the transparent jar can easily find what you are looking for.
The jar is suitable for gifts and easy to refill.
There are a variety of sizes and graphics to choose from
The jars are dishwasher safe. The rubber gasket needs to be cleaned manually.

Product parameter

Product Name: Wholesales Factory Price Glass Jar With Metal ClipGlass Storage Jar Bottle With Flip Top Cap
Material: glass
Usage: honey/juice/preserved products, etc.
Customization: can support customization
Color: default transparent white

Product size


Product application


European-style simple design, multiple specifications, multiple uses in one can, good airtightness, satisfying a variety of food storage.


Glass material. The body and cap are homogeneous. Round and transparent. Use more at ease.
Correct opening method (hold the lid of the sealing can and open it upward by holding the buckle between thumb and forefinger)
Open the wrong way (hand bounce to)


Not dripping, suitable for storage of various liquid fermented wines


Transparent tank, highly transparent, repeatedly cleaned as new

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