Oil tank glass bottle leakproof bottle

Short Description:

Material: glass

Capacity: 401mL (inclusive)-500mL (inclusive)

Style: Chinese

Color Classification: Oil Standard Oil Can, Wine Standard Oil Can, Vinegar Standard Oil Can, Soy Standard Oil Can

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Product description

The seasoning series of heat resistant glass is made of stainless steel and food grade organic silicon. It features Explosion protection, safety, streamline oil pot, good sealing, unique drip-proof nozzle, precision oil control.

There are many things I can put: chili oil, soy sauce, vinegar, edible oil, cooking wine, sesame oil and other liquid seasonings. The transparent bottle body can be clearly identified to determine the remaining amount.
The intimate design of the combination of stainless steel and glass, and the edible pp material nozzle, give you a new concept of healthy eating.

Product description


Humanized dust-proof design-the dust-proof cover can be opened and closed with one hand. Easy to use

Smooth oil delivery without oil-pour the oil and lift it in one go

Bottle mouth seal design-multiple seals, not easy to leak oil

Product advantage

✽ Intelligent automatic bottle cap design: the cover with stainless steel roller automatically opens when the bottle is tilted,Closed when upright for easy tipping with one hand.

✽ Accurate pouring and non-dripping outlet: The U-shaped outlet allows you to completely control pouring the right amount of oil without worrying about heavy salad dressing; Oil will not drip or leak from the spray, keeping bottles and countertops clean.

✽ Made from safe Materials: This oil bottle is made from food-grade BPA-free PP and lead-free glass for durability. Pear-shaped glass bottles are thick and sturdy, with silicone sealing gaskets inside the caps to prevent leaks and spills and ensure the freshness of stored liquids.

✽ Essential kitchen shaker and perfect gift: Great for dispensing liquid condiments such as olive oil, vinegar, soy sauce, syrups, cooking wine, etc. The elegant appearance is the icing on the cake for your kitchen or dining room!


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