How to distinguish between good and bad glass wine bottles with the naked eye?

How to distinguish between good and bad glass wine bottles with the naked eye? What is the standard for distinguishing qualified glass wine bottles? Wine bottle manufacturers will tell you about the main factors that affect the quality of glass wine bottles: first to distinguish the connotative quality of a glass wine bottle, of course, cold burst test, internal stress test, etc. are required. Series testing. When we get a glass wine bottle with lubricated and bright body, no color difference, no rotten thread and frying opening, and the average thickness of the bottom of the bottle without any significant defects, it can be regarded as a qualified glass wine bottle.
      Looking at the glass wine bottle against the bright light, there are rows of small bubbles on the bottle. The direct result of this situation is that the internal stress of the glass wine bottle is not good. This is mainly because the temperature of the condensation pool is not good. The glass material does not condense enough. It is attributed to a serious quality problem. It is assumed that the surface of the mold has not been used for a long time, or the surface of the mold is oxidized or used successively to cause some impurities to adhere to the mold surface.
      Will make the glass wine bottle made with slight unevenness. Although it does not substantially affect the quality, it severely affects the appearance. In recent years, e-commerce has been in full swing, and many glass bottle manufacturers have also participated in it. This also includes Glass Products Co., Ltd. Our company is a professional manufacturer of glass bottles. When our company chooses e-commerce, the company is not Special boom.
      At that time, the plastic bottle shopping mall was overwhelmed. If the company wanted to develop, it would try various sales channels. From the point of view of shopping malls, choosing online sales was a very important way. At present, online sales are a very important way. A very good way to sell, not only won a large number of customers for the glass bottle company, but also created more opportunities for many customers to choose manufacturers.


Post time: Dec-23-2021