How to clean glass bottles to be as bright as new?

The main reason why everyone chooses a glass bottle is because of its transparency, whether it is used in the food field or the art field, it is particularly eye-catching, adding beauty to our environment and products, but there are also many cases where we produce The glass bottle is not as good as we imagined. The transparency of the bottle body is not high, and it contains impurities, which greatly reduces the sales price. What is the reason for this situation.
1. When the glass slide falls into the preliminary mold, the glass bottle manufacturer cannot accurately enter the preliminary mold, and the glass bottle manufacturer has too much friction with the mold wall, causing creases, and the creases expand after blowing, and folds are formed on the glass bottle body.
2. The cut marks on the bottle body are too large, and the cut scars after the bottle body is formed will appear on the bottle body.
3. The glass bottle prototype and molding materials are very poor, the density is not too high, and the oxidation speed is too fast after high temperature, which will form fine dents on the surface of the mold, causing the surface of the glass bottle to be uneven after molding.
4. Glass bottle mold oil will cause insufficient mold lubrication, lower dripping speed, and rapid change of material type.
5. The bottle maker has rubbed against the wall of the wine bottle mold. Sometimes, during the manufacturing process of the liquor bottle, when the glass frit falls into the preliminary mold, it cannot accurately enter the preliminary mold. This will cause friction with the mold wall, wrinkles, and wait. After the air is being blown, the wrinkles on the surface spread and spread, so that customized glass bottles can easily cause wrinkles on the wine bottle body, which seriously affects the finish of the bottle body.
6. The initial mold design is unreasonable. When the glass bottle manufacturer produces the glass bottle, the initial mold design will cause problems during use. Too many molds or too small pickle bottles may cause problems, causing droplets to enter After the mold, the positive blowing spreads unevenly, causing spots on the glass bottle body.
After long-term use, glass bottles will accumulate a lot of bacteria. If they are continuously used to fill beverage bottles, they will have some impact on health. Regular cleaning can also remove bacteria and impurities, extend the service life of glass bottles, and maintain them. Beautiful.

1. Find some fine sand, put it in the bottle, add an appropriate amount of water, shake the honey bottle in the bottle to form a vortex, and then rinse it out. The method is practical, simple and effective.
2. Pour a little vinegar into the bottle and shake the bottle to make the vinegar form a vortex, shake it back and forth several times, then clean the jam jar, first sort out two environmentally friendly and practical ones, and find out the better one will notify everyone .
3. Potato skins can contain starch, which can remove slight oil stains. When the glass is full of dirt, put the potato storage jar into the stockings, first spread the glass evenly on the glass, and then dry it with a damp cloth.
4. Wipe the glass with warm water, use hot air to help remove dirt, or soak the lemon in warm water, use lemon warm water to brighten the glass.

Post time: Jun-03-2019