Glass wine bottles belong to fragile objects, and special attention should be paid to the process of transportation and storage.

Glass wine bottles belong to fragile objects, and this kind of glass bottles should be paid special attention in the process of transportation and storage. Nowadays, with the development trend of my country’s economy, long-distance transportation has already become the norm. Doing a good job in the transportation and storage of glass wine bottles is a point to ensure the development of the product industry.

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In the process of transportation, especially in the process of remote control transportation, packaging and maintenance of wine bottle products is the key point. In the process of transportation and packaging, choose sturdy cardboard boxes or wooden boxes for storage, and use foam plastic or waste newspapers on the neck of the wine for packaging and isolation to prevent the bottles from shaking or bumping during transportation. lead to damage or even rupture.

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In addition, during transportation, you should pay attention to covering and maintaining the product to prevent sun exposure to the jade lotus, which will cause the texture of the wine bottle to fade, which will harm the appearance and market sales. In the process of transportation, it is necessary to prevent the temperature difference from causing the bottle to be overstressed, thermal expansion and contraction caused by cracks, which will endanger product quality and future applications.

During the storage process of wine bottles, glass bottle manufacturers try their best to ensure that the road surface in the storage area is smooth, so as to prevent the wine bottles from being unstable and causing the risk of falling. Select indoor air as much as possible for storage to prevent the product from causing regolith in the natural environment and harming the application. The product should not be in direct contact with the road surface to prevent the residue from scratching the surface of the product. It is necessary to ensure that there is a certain indoor space in the middle of the wine bottle for natural ventilation to prevent damage to the product caused by excessive humidity and cold.

Post time: Jul-21-2022