Transparent glass outdoor portable water cup

Short Description:

Durable Convenient Water Bottle
It is ideal for camping, hiking, scouting, backpacking,gym,on the go,daily use, emergency preparedness and more ourdoor activities.

Product Guarantee
Every watter bottle of us are offer lifetime technical support and a 1 Year manufacturer’s which can give you peace of mind about your purchase.

Premium material
Available in multiple colors
Portable and compact

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product parameter

Product name: Harajuku glass
Color: 8 colors are available
Material: Heat-resistant glass
Capacity: 360ML
Caliber: 4CM
Cup body: 21*5.5CM

Product choice:
1. The fashionable frosted model feels comfortable
2. The classic glass is transparent and fresh

Product color:
Glass style red, glass style white, glass style black, glass style coffee color
Matte red, matte red, matte coffee, matte white, matte black

Product color


Product advantage

Advantages: thicker, heat-resistant, tough
1. Creative pattern: high-temperature baking pattern, not easy to decolor
2. Material: heat-resistant glass material, comfortable to touch
3. Portable rope: easy to carry and not easy to lose, convenient and practical
4. Thread sealing: no leakage or dripping, strong sealing


Product size



Our pre-sale service:
✽ Pre-sales services, such as design proofing and mold opening and logo printing required by customers.
✽ If we provide design, you only need to pay the shipping fee and you can provide samples for free.
✽ Product recommendation and related budget services.

After-sales service:
✽ When there is a problem, an assistant will solve the problem in time.
✽ Give priority to providing new series of samples for cooperative customers.

Product application


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